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Stone carving machine

Stone carving machine is professional for natural stone, glass, ceramic materials such as text, images, engraving, high-tech fully automatic computer control equipment. Stone carving industry in China is a traditional industry, stone products there is huge market demand. Science and technology changes with each passing day, the stone carving industry is a major reform -- -- -- -- -- - the older generation of masonry retirement, an immense increase in the demand of the stone products, the younger generation to the requirement of high efficiency, mechanization and automation, mechanical innovation. Stone carving machine is in this environment arises at the historic moment. CNC stone engraving machine can be in stone carving calligraphy and painting, pottery and porcelain, ceramic tile, can meet the requirements of personalized home outfit, tooling design, can be used as a decoration company, handicraft industry, stone, the stone industry, ceramic industry company carved in the advanced processing equipment. It makes our indoor decoration industry more and more personalized, artistic, etc. Realizing the stone carving products production, greatly improve the efficiency and reduced manpower costs.