Open CNC machine that board type furniture factory improve efficiency

Issuing time:2019-12-30 00:00

of board type furniture factory are considering to replace or add new custom furniture production line, to reduce labor, improve the production efficiency, CNC cutting machine has gradually replace traditional cutting saws. CNC cutting machine has the slitting, punching, modelling, and can support the loading platform to realize the automatic production, CNC cutting machine, so to speak directly affected by the quality of a board type furniture factory at:

1. Open the machine accuracy can not meet the requirements, not beautiful assembled cabinet is crooked, such products are sold so in their own brand; Workers also trouble to install, result in an increase in cost of installation

2. Cutting machining efficiency, processing 50 board, the same high quality equipment within 8 hours for processing is complete; And inefficient work overtime to complete, artificial cost, operation cost is high

3. High quality CNC cutting machine, equipment running smoothly, constantly knife, no collapse edge, daily consumables costs low

4. Any equipment manufacturer is there is a certain failure rate, high quality material vendors would failure rate is very low, even if the factory after-sales service problems in a timely manner will not affect production; Whereas equipment three days two head appear problem, not only delay production also disturbing.

Above all, choose a suitable and the quality of CNC cutting machine is very important, mainly in the processing technology, quality inspection, after-sales, so as to have no trouble back at home.

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