CNC woodworking engraving machine safety operation specification

Issuing time:2019-12-30 00:00

CNC woodworking engraving machine in furniture enterprises should have a very wide range, utilization rate is also increased year by year, and even throughout the various industries and fields, all other specifications are very important. Because of the rapid popularity of the equipment development, also has a bottleneck restricts the, that is the real CNC engraving machine operator is missing, many manufacturers of operator are simple look at mount guard operation, so it is easy to leave a safe hidden trouble. Lu carved CNC today from five aspects and organize related knowledge for everyone, for your reference:

1, in the process of woodworking engraving machine running, not optional operation, if the malfunction, must cut off power supply first, then for maintenance, avoid high speed engraving machine running harm the operators;

2, in the process of carving, remember with gloves to clean up the debris carving, carved or touch the spindle, the spindle speed, it is easy to gloves and hand in together, brings security hidden danger;

3, the use of woodworking engraving machine carved processing, loading and unloading carved plate, be sure to uninstall engraving cutter, to avoid the sharp tool damage to operators.

4, remember that don't touch the power distribution cabinet inside electric appliances, circuit, etc., in order to avoid electric shock or unrest caused unnecessary trouble light line, distribution and control system appear problem, should find a factory in a timely manner to solve.

5, carving machine operation looks be like simple, but it also has a lot of need to pay attention to the operation requirements and specifications, have to pass strict training and examination, can mount guard. For Qingdao speed carving factory in the AD hoc engraving machine training center, is zero foundation training for customers, from carving machine operation, use, knife relief road design, programming, carving machine maintenance and maintenance, troubleshooting of training of the whole system.

CNC woodworking engraving machine as a fully automated machinery production equipment, in the daily operation process, must pay attention to the safety operation specification, looking for manufacturer to reflect the problems in time. In daily use process, more accumulation of experience, can better improve the level of operation, and the performance of the play to carving machine.

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