What how to choose the kinds of engraving machine?

Issuing time:2019-12-30 00:00

There are several types of engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine is divided into change knife carving machine also can be called machining center; The nose engraving machine; Embossing machine; Four axis linkage three-dimensional carving machine and so on, of course, some also have the function of engraving, woodworking lathe only use limited range. So customers choose to buy before engraving machine, should know more about the characteristics of each device.

Disc in knife carving machine, it can be called a reinforced processing center, hat type 8 knife knife library can be configured, fast tool change. Suitable for diversified composite products processing. And this type of aircraft configuration is generally high. So the price is also high, generally at about ten, some manufacturers will sell to more than two hundred thousand.

Tool change model and type in the knife, this kind of model some knife library at one end of the lathe, each time a tool change, leading no matter where, you must return to the starting point. So the tool change slowly.

There are models is door industry enterprises with more extensive. ZhiNengDuo process models, are generally double (double process), three (3), double or three blades can be automatically switch, for wood process requirement is not very complex, can satisfy two or three tools. And this model is also very high cost performance. The price according to the configuration around 450 thousand.

If the customer wants to sculpture reliefs kind of products, such as european-style furniture, cabinet door is embossed with a design of classical furniture, or screen, wooden handicraft accessories, etc, it is recommended to use a dedicated embossing machine. Because of longer carved relief murals of products, so the embossing machine is more than the nose, namely, went on a few,

2 drag a few, etc. Usually went on three, yituo five, yituo six, two drag eight, etc., the choice of different models of size will be different. It according to the number of configuration, hangs Taiwan head, machine size price is around 4-70000. If there are price obviously lower than the market price, the customer, please buy cautiously, be sure to know such a low price. For several more.

Some clients need three-dimensional carving statues, sculptures, Europe type furniture accessories, such as sofa legs, desk and chair legs will need to use four axis linkage engraving machine, dedicated to the three-dimensional sculpture. Generally there are eight degrees of rotation, can be eight carved at the same time. It also can be carved operating plane. The price according to the configuration about ten or so.

Here say is commonly used ordinary 1325 models, can also be known as the general model, and using range is very wide, but other models are derived on the basis of this. For tool can use this number no requirement, to make the door, cabinet door, Musical Instruments, coffin, wooden mould, such as engraving cutting, furniture, etc., can be carved according to size, number and efficiency to choose the nose, such as double head model independently, can carve two at the same time. Larger requirement, also can turn a head to once, use only one of them. If there is a small amount of three-dimensional processing requirements, you can also add to the axis of rotation. That money is not much, also can meet the production requirements.

Engraving machine and other specialized for stone, stone carving machine. It is a good choice, with woodworking engraving machine is the difference between the cutting tool is need water, so the workbench has a water tank. Because carving strength is larger, general power is higher, requiring of lathe bed and longmen.

Now you should be able to roughly understand some of the models, how to choose, choose what kind of engraving machine generally have a number in my heart, of course the specific situation also have to learn to communicate with people and professional.

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